Questions and answers: Funerals / memorials

God’s love is extended to everyone and we believe that, as a faith community, we can be instruments of love, compassion, support and healing during times of loss and grief.  Requests for a funeral (body or cremated remains present) or a memorial service, both of which also are known as celebrations of life, can be made by contacting the church office or through one of our ministers.

When can the funeral/memorial service be held?

Sometimes funerals/memorials take place within days after death. Sometimes it may be weeks, or even months, before family and friends can gather. Our ministers will work with you to find the most appropriate date and time for a service, given both your own needs and the scheduling possibilities for the ministers and for our church. Funerals/memorials are not held on Sundays or on significant days in the life of the church, such as Christmas and Easter.

Where can the funeral/memorial service be held?

It is our hope that you will consider first holding the service for your loved one in our church Sanctuary or Chapel. From time to time, our ministers are asked to lead a service at a funeral home or cemetery and we are honoured to be able to be a part of this as well.

What is normally included in a funeral service?

One (or sometimes both) of our Ministers will meet with your family to carefully plan together with you a service that both reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one and lifts up the compassion, thanksgiving and hope that lie at the heart of the Christian story. The service generally will include readings and prayers, an opportunity for sharing by family members/friends, music, and a reflection by the minister.

What music is provided?

Our Director of Music Ministries is available to provide musical accompaniment for the service, working with you to make choices, instrumental music or songs, which are appropriate both to the occasion and to the life of your loved one.

Are flowers required?

Only if you would like them. Harcourt strives to be a scent-free environment, so please contact the church office for a list of flowers that can be placed in the church.

Do you cater funeral receptions?

Our church no longer caters for funeral/memorial receptions.  Generally we are able to provide space for a reception and can share with you a list of local caterers approved for use at Harcourt and who have served many families well.

Are there fees and honoraria?

Yes. The church office will provide the fee structure to you.