Current rental rates 

Below are all rates for rooms and accessories as of June 1, 2019.

Room NameCapacityFull Day***Half Day/ EveningHourly
Sanctuary - Free Event349 Main
32 Balcony
$295.00$200.00$80.00 *
Sanctuary - Ticketed Event349 Main
32 Balcony
Sanctuary - Front OnlyStage + 3 Pews$250.00$140.00$60.00*
Friendship Room45$150.00$105.00$45.00
Room 202/20330$135.00$95.00$40.00
Gymnasium160 - 180$165.00$105.00$45.00
Kitchen - Cups Only$100.00$70.00$35.00
Kitchen - All Facilities$215.00$135.00$55.00
Choir RoomN/A$105.00$45.00
Baby Nursery$70.00$50.00N/A
Greeting Area$95.00$70.00N/A
Parking Lot - Half50 Spaces$140.0095.00$40.00
Audiovisual Equipment (available in sanctuary only)N/A$55.00N/A
Audiovisual Operatior4 Hour Minimum$25.00
Custodian Fee** (Friday & Saturday)$85.00**$85.00**$85.00**
Garbage Deposit$50.00$50.00$50.00


* Hourly rates for the sanctuary apply only in July and August.
** Custodian fee (Friday or Saturday): $85 for use of sanctuary; $40 for friendship room, gym, chapel, kitchen
*** Maximum 4 hours half day or evening

All rentals require a signed rental agreement.

Room Rental Application If you would like to rent one of our spaces, please fill out this form and email it to

For more information please contact the church: or phone 519-824-4177.