A New Role as Chair of Council

Thank you to those who have expressed gratitude and support as I begin my role as Council Chair. Together, as a Council and a Congregation, we have much to celebrate and much to accomplish to create our future as the Harcourt community, both internally and externally.

Our October Council meeting focused on follow-up to the May 2nd gathering of Council, committees and teams. Although several months have passed, we reflected on the great energy experienced that day, and discussed ways to build on the day’s outcomes.

We named actions and progress that have taken place on some of the concrete suggestions gathered that day. Three of these are:

  • The Christian Life Cluster of committees and teams met jointly on October 6 to think about their interconnecting purposes, to allow openness to the Spirit to inspire and energize them as followers of Christ, and to identify possible synergies within the Cluster.
  • Recruitment of lay volunteers for specific or time-limited tasks is showing success. Some folks have come forward to coordinate Sunday coffee time and name tag ordering, act as auditors for the annual financial reports, and begin a re-focus in the areas of justice and outreach.
  • Ministry & Personnel Committee hosted an information session in May for other committees, to focus on changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and our legal requirements. The DVD is available for others to view; contact Anne Purkis.

We discussed these questions:

  • Where is there energy within Council and/or the Congregation to move forward on these and other suggestions from the May 2nd gathering and/or other issues?
  • What roadblocks could affect our progress on these topics?

Our conversation naturally rolled into the topic of Harcourt’s mission, vision and clarity of purpose. We have committed to continue our work in these aspects of planning for the future, spiritually and practically in a complex world. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to participate in creating our future.

With faith and hope,

Lorraine Holding
Chair of Council