November Meeting Summary

Opening ourselves to the presence of the Spirit through experiencing scripture and reflecting on its Word for us, as a Council and as individuals; allowing that openness to inspire and energize us as followers of Christ – these were the intangible goals of Council at our November meeting.

We welcomed Peter Jackson and Bill Lord to model with us how the Christian Life Cluster committees had recently practised this focus. Guided by our agenda, they chose Revelation 3:20 as the basis for our reflection on these questions:

  • Why did I come to the door?
  • What am I looking for?
  • What do I find when the door opens?

Website and Identity

For many months, the Communication Committee has put great effort and time towards creation of a new website for Harcourt. Their process with the designer led them to the need for a new logo and tag line, including opportunities for the Congregation to provide feedback in the spring/summer. With the recent “soft launch” of the website, Council took thoughtful time at our meeting to discern our transition from the familiar to the new logo and tag line that incorporates the words Seek Connect Act. Our focus on the “front doors” of access to Harcourt (through the website, small groups, worship, printed materials, etc.) and the visual symbol represented by the new logo and tag line guided us to a motion in which we:

  • Express appreciation to the Communication Committee for their work on the design of the website, logo and tag line;
  • Ratify their work completed to date, including the logo and tag line; and
  • Request that they prepare an explanation of their design decisions for the Congregation and welcome feedback.

We encourage conversation while we embrace these changes and begin to live them in a meaningful way.

Budget 2016

In our second significant agenda item, we provided guidance on the draft 2016 budget prepared by the Finance Committee. We will review it again in December before approving for presentation to the Congregation at the February 21st Annual Meeting.

In this Season of Advent, consider what you look for when you approach one of Harcourt’s many “doors”. What do you seek? How do you connect? What inspires you to take action?

With blessings for hope, peace, joy and love as we prepare for a meaningful Christmas,

Lorraine Holding
Chair of Council