January Meeting Summary

Our January 20th Council meeting was busy! Watch for more details in the February issue of the Harcourt Herald. In the meantime, here are some of the items that we discussed.

* Peter Gill, as Chair of Chalmers Community Service Centre, requested our support for their proposed capital campaign.

* Ministry & Personnel Committee requested approval of the updated “Human Resources Policies & Procedures”, based on their thorough review.

* Pastoral Care Committee requested approval of the “Policy & Procedures for Screening Volunteers”, based on the review that we require every two years. This policy underlies our ability to access free Vulnerable Sector Police Records Checks for Harcourt volunteers.

* Our Starter Team had its first meeting on January 6 to begin the planning process for our transition through the next 12 to 18 months. Many opportunities for conversations across the Congregation will be a key part of the process.

* In 2015, Council developed a “Request for Action” form to provide a consistent format to evaluate complex proposals that require Council decision. Communications Team submitted their proposal regarding a review of current and potentially needed communication pieces/tools to provide a consistent “Harcourt look”.

* 2016 marks Harcourt’s 60th anniversary of its March 4th inaugural service, a transformation from our roots as the Brooklyn Sunday school mission.

* Council recruitment (Vice Chair, Secretary, Councillor for Congregational Life), committees’ memberships, and plans for our February 28th Annual Meeting all require focus now. We hope to host a meeting of Council and Committee/Team Chairs in April.

The months ahead are important as we deal with regular “business and busyness” AND create our future. I invite each person to participate as you are able in our conversations and decision-making. How is the Spirit guiding us?

With faith and hope,

Lorraine Holding

Chair of Council