April Meeting Summary

Council members have worked very diligently during March and April. As lead-up to the April 10th Congregational Meeting, the focus of two Council meetings was on the bridge financing request from Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC). Along with representatives from the Harcourt Trustees, we carefully and thoughtfully considered the implications of providing support, or not. The considerations shared by the Congregation, while discerning a decision, demonstrated our long-time commitment to the Chalmers’ ministry through volunteer hours, donated goods and financial support.

As a result, the Congregation approved the motion to provide a commitment to CCSC for a loan of up to $100,000 from the investments managed by the Trustees. This will be repaid at per annum rate of 1.5%, secured by a renewable 12-month note(s). We look forward to hearing about CCSC’s success as they prepare to move to their new permanent home. 

On April 20, Council hosted ten Committee Chairs, Team Leaders, and other key lay leaders. Each person shared one key priority for 2016 that is the focus of his/her role within Harcourt. What an important list of projects, leadership priorities, and communication needs! Our agenda also included “refreshers” on Harcourt’s governance, structure, and organization; policies and procedures; financial processes; connecting with office staff; Harcourt 20/20 time path. Kathy Magee is leading a planning team to mark the conclusion of Wendy’s ministry with us and her transition into retirement. Stay tuned for more details!

On the Harcourt 20/20 front, we thank the Recruitment Team for their work to recommend the appointment of Miriam Flynn as our Supply Minister for July 1/16 to June 30/17, pending approval by Waterloo Presbytery. Miriam will cover the duties of Wendy’s position as Minister of Worship, Pastoral Care & Outreach. During the coming months, the Harcourt 20/20 Steering Team will continue work along our time path to focus on community building, needs, and models that could be part of our future. The results of the IMNA Survey (Identity, Mission, Needs Analysis) will add to the mix of information. Again, stay tuned for more details!

With faith and hope,

Lorraine Holding

Chair of Council