June Meeting Summary

We extend our sincere “thanks” to the planning team who organized the wonderful celebrations to mark Wendy’s retirement from ministry at Harcourt: Kathy Magee, Joan Barham, Marilyn Sears, Cathy Dean, John Phelps, Gay Slinger, Alison MacNeill and others who assisted. Well done!

Our June 15th Council meeting included significant items that focus on various aspects of our future.

  • Dave Hume, on behalf of the Accessible Washrooms working group, reported that the architect’s plans have arrived and it is now time to seek the Congregation’s approval to proceed with construction. This is the agenda item for the Congregational Meeting called for June 26. Dave and others will be available in the Chapel after each service on June 19 to discuss the details and answer questions.
  • We agreed to recognize Mary Harding as an inquirer to begin the discernment for ministry process with Waterloo Presbytery, and to request that a Discernment Committee be appointed. This group will work with Mary during the coming months to explore her call to ministry and what pathway might emerge for her. We offer blessings and support to Mary during this important step in her journey.
  • We reflected on comments about ‘building authentic community’ that Steve Pierce shared with us at our May meeting. His observations about the 2006 needs assessment process, report and results gave us the opportunity to discuss what needs to be different about our Harcourt 20/20 approach to planning our future. How can we become more authentic as a community?
  • We are pleased that 100 people are participating in the small group conversations during June as part of Harcourt 20/20. The next opportunities for discussion and discernment will include a September workshop focused on the results from the IMNA Survey (Identity, Mission and Needs Assessment) and our formal needs assessment workshop with Presbytery representatives in October. Keep watching and listening for other updates through the weeks ahead.

Now we take some time for rest and relaxation. Consider this question: where is the Spirit leading us as the Harcourt congregation and community?

With faith and hope,

Lorraine Holding

Chair of Council