June 2017 Meeting Summary

Council News June 22, 2017

Council News:

We opened our June 21st Council meeting by celebrating Miriam’s ‘bridging year’ and looking forward to her new ministry with us.

 A short debrief of our May 28th meeting with members of committees/teams (summary notes were distributed separately): This gathering provided another opportunity to increase awareness about the ‘inside scene’ of Harcourt activities, and how/when groups need to interact to carry out their work.

 Our administrative discussion: Work continues to update the rental and group sponsorship for room/space usage policies. The Greeting Area Ad Hoc Group will continue its work in conjunction with the washrooms construction project and other input.

 From June 12-22, about 50 people have taken part in six small conversation groups focused on community, spiritual growth, social justice or music. We thank all participants, hosts, facilitators, note-takers and the planning team. Council will review the proposals and personal commitment sheets to help build a plan for action/change related to our congregation’s ministries.

 Council’s work slows just a bit over the summer. Our agenda for September keeps growing. Thanks to all who contribute in so many ways throughout the year!

Lorraine Holding, Chair of Council