From September 8 to October 20, 2019, Harcourt will be celebrating the Season of Creation; however, while contemplating the wonder of creation, it is almost impossible not to worry about its desecration. Now, more than ever, we are aware of the many ways in which our earthly home and its inhabitants are at risk because of human greed. We have been consuming the world’s resources without considering the outcome, and now a climate crisis is looming.

While governments struggle to address this problem, the rest of us cannot help but feel anxious, distressed and helpless. Is there anything we can do to assuage our concern? The Harcourt “eco-committee” (a pop-up group of concerned Harcourt members) says YES. The Harcourt Eco Team aspires to make the seven weeks of the Season of Creation an opportunity for education, motivation and commitment so that, together, we can feel more engaged, powerful and optimistic about the future of our planet.

Our journey toward more sustainable behaviours begins with a Harcourt Eco-Fair after church on September 8. Come to the gym and meet members of our congregation (and others) who will inspire you with stories, demonstrations, advice, and support. As you consider your own lifestyle, you may want to share personal “eco-hacks” on the bulletin board in the gym. Every little change we make to save the environment is worthwhile.

Later in the month, there will be an opportunity to learn about plant-based eating at a delicious vegetarian lunch, prepared by Harcourt hosts. If you are curious about a more sustainable way to eat, why not try adding more meatless meals into your diet during the Season of Creation?

Check here for more information about participation in these Special Events.  

Throughout the Season of Creation we especially encourage you to hold Mother Earth in your prayers. A thoughtful resource has been prepared for us by members of the Spiritual Life Committee. The Season of Creation: A Guide to Reflection and Prayer is available online or in hard copy.

Learn how to make your own eco-friendly care and cleaning products as well as which ingredients to avoid in your products. Find more cleaning recipes from the David Suzuki Foundation here.

Care for Creation. Pray for Creation. Somehow, we must heal Creation.