Complete a Robot Call Form

Many thanks to all who have responded to this request already!

The Communication Committee is developing a Harcourt Emergency Plan Communication Protocol. While we can put a message on the Harcourt website, Harcourt and MANNA Facebook pages, email list, radio station, office phone message and a poster on the doors of the church, this may not reach those who do not have computers, cell phones, i-pads etc.

To address this, and because it is good to receive a Harcourt crisis message in more than one way, we wish to send out a Robot Call message in a crisis. However, we do need you to confirm what phone number you want this Robot Call message to come to. Please let the Office know which phone number you wish to have used for a Robot call.

  • Email
  • Phone 519.824.4177
  • Drop a note with name and Robot Call phone number in the Office door
  • Complete a Robot Call Phone Information Form (on table in the Greeting Area) and place in the box labelled Robot Call Information.

Thank You!