The Harcourt Community Photo Directory

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We all value being able to reach out to people we love, care for and share with. We all appreciate it even more when people reach out and touch us with a voice of care and appreciation and we all get frustrated when we go to do that only to find our contact information has changed and is outdated.

So, to minimize those frustrations, a group at Harcourt under the Leadership of Kent Hoeg, assisted by the Communications Committee and the Harcourt Tech staff member, Casey Connor, is bringing into service an online “Harcourt Community Photo Directory”.

What’s an online photo directory? It’s a photo directory that is accessed through any of the tools you use to get online. A computer, tablet or smartphone will get you into the directory, using your own chosen password (for security measures), to access addresses, phone numbers, emails and photos so you can say “Yup, that’s who I thought they were” and reach out and be connected. Or if you need to drop off or pick up something at the door, your phone will give you directions.

Now. What about a directory never being updated and the data being wrong? Each person who chooses to be part of the Directory will go in, following the clear and simple directions in the Manual, edit the data in their families file, add a picture of their choice and update as information changes. No more waiting 5 years for new data or new pictures. You could even change your family photo every month as someone does something special!

We even had two “non tech” members try it out, we won’t name names but you could ask and they succeeded admirably!

How do you get started? Below, there are two options to click: the first link will take you to the full manual we mentioned above, the second link is a shortened set of instructions. If you run into difficulty you can contact Kent at or 519-265-5956 or Sophie at and they will be glad to help.

Click the links below and get connected!

  1. Full Manual
  2. Shortened Instructions