How easily can you recognise Harcourt?

We have a Harcourt Logo , a new Harcourt website, Harcourt colours, a Directory, however, thequestion remains, what else can we do so that it is really easy for people to “recognise Harcourt – in a flash?” Council has charged the Communication Committee to work with the congregation to enable Harcourt recognition to happen.

What is missing, what do you want to see changed? 

Communication invites you to give us your feedback with respect to “what is missing” or “what you wish to see changed” with respect to improving Harcourt recognition. For example, what do we give to people, who are interested in Harcourt, to take away in hard copy from Harcourt or to send to them digitally? Do we need to revise the materials that are in the church pews? Would it be better if all the cushions in the pews had red, orange or green cushion covers? Would a Harcourt pin be handy to wear so more people would learn about Harcourt? Be creative! Remember that Millenials and young families use digital communication to connect. Any special ideas for the website, facebook or twitter tweets? Any special “items” ? What Harcourt information are you getting, or not getting, that has not got Harcourt “signage” on it? If you give us your wishes for change or new communication messaging, and making better use of our logo and colours (green, red, orange) Communication will consult with people affected by such change and develop new ideas with them to respond to your suggestions. A report for action will then go to Council. We can’t wait to receive you ideas. THANKS A BUNCH.

Please send your ideas to: or the office or connect with Joan Barham, Nancy Ryan, Lorna Rourke , Gill Joseph, Susan Cullis (Communication Committee)