Questions and answers: Weddings

Wedding celebrations are a special part of our life at Harcourt. We welcome all people to the full life of Christian community, including marriage.

It is our understanding that God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing and sustaining of the couple and those around them and that such relationships require preparation and nurture. Your wedding will be one of the most important events of your life and our ministers and church staff will make every effort to ensure that all goes well.

Do we have to be members to be married here?Wedding Couple

No, couples do not need to be members of our congregation in order to be married here. We are an Affirming congregation and marriage is open to all couples who are legally able to marry in Ontario.

We are a community of faith, and thus the service we offer for the celebration of your marriage will reflect and respect both the Christian tradition and an open, inclusive spirit.

Do you perform marriages for same sex couples?

Yes! Our wedding services are available to all couples who wish to proclaim their love through marriage, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

What dates are available?

Our church facility is used extensively by the congregation and wider community. We encourage you to call the church office to check on space availability as soon as you have a date in mind.

Our ministers also will need to be consulted as to their availability, both for a wedding service and a rehearsal. Most weddings take place on a Saturday, with the rehearsal either the Thursday or Friday evening before. Other options can be discussed.

Are there fees for weddings?

A deposit on booking a wedding date is required and our office will provide specific information about all wedding fees and honoraria.

Can I have a family friend or another minister conduct my wedding instead?

All weddings that take place at Harcourt are officiated by one of our ministers.  At our ministers’ invitation, it generally is possible for other officiants to participate in the ceremony.

Is a marriage preparation course required?

Yes. It has been our experience that couples who participate in a marriage preparation/enrichment course prior to their wedding, regardless of how long they have known each other and regardless of previous marriage experiences, enjoy a richer, deeper relationship.

We offer a one day preparation/enrichment event once a year, usually in the winter.

What music is available?wedding01

Music for your wedding service can be provided by our Director of Music Ministries, who will help you make appropriate choices from a wide range of music and also discuss the inclusion of other musicians, if applicable.

Overall costs of the wedding do not change if you choose not to use our accompanist.

Can decorations be placed in the sanctuary?

Yes. Many couples choose to have flower arrangements, bows on the seats, candles and other such decorations to enhance their ceremony. Harcourt strives to be a scent-free environment. Our office will provide a list of flowers that fit this restriction and all candles must be unscented.

Can photographs or video be taken during the ceremony?

Yes, provided that the photographer does not use flash during the service and is not invasive in the worship pace.  The minister officiating your ceremony will advise the photographer as to appropriate places and opportunities to take pictures.