We have space to share! Plus information and so much more!

Harcourt has an abundance of resources and sharing these resources is a core value. Thanks to the active stewardship and generous financial support of regular members, Harcourt is able to provide a warm and welcoming space for a wide variety of all-ages events beyond the three Sunday worship services.

When not needed for church activities, our facilities may be rented by outside individuals and organizations. Typical uses include concerts, meetings, workshops, plays, and summer camps. Throughout the week, day or night, and weekends, Harcourt welcomes diverse community groups and individuals to come and make use of our accessible facilities, as we believe that working together will further enlighten and enrich all our lives.

Harcourt’s monthly newsletter, The Harcourt Herald, showcases the life and work of the church community, and offers both practical information and reflective pieces for all readers.Those wishing to explore a topic more thoroughly will find much to consider on Harcourt’s well-organized library shelves.

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Review our facilities for rent which includes information on each space, overall amenities and photographs.

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