Whenever we are with others, there is an opportunity to care for one another.

Pastoral care means being there for others – listening to them and accompanying them in their significant life moments; not seeking to fix them, but to provide a safe space in which to uncover the wisdom and strength to carry on.

Pastoral Care Visiting Teams

These are teams of two people who offer friendly visits to those who have identified the need for a visit or for whom a visit has been requested with that person’s permission.  In our church community we would like to think that none of us are alone, but we know that there are many people who do not have family close by or who may find it difficult to get outside their homes. 

The visiting teams are trained Harcourt volunteers who have expressed an interest in journeying with others in homes, hospitals, seniors’ residences and long-term care facilities.

Please inform the ministers, office or a Committee member if you or someone else from whom you have received permission to share their situation has experienced an illness or other significant life event and would like a visit.  It’s not possible to respond to one another’s needs if we don’t know about them.

Seeking help / Community Resources

Life can be difficult.  There are times when we need help from other people or require services that exist in the wider community.  It is never a sign of weakness to ask for help.  Sometimes we need someone to talk to who will simply listen and sometimes more formal counselling or therapy would be helpful.  

After listening to you and learning about your situation, Harcourt staff may suggest community support resources to you.  Whatever path you take, support and accompaniment will always be present for you at Harcourt. Here is contact information for a few community resources: